There has never been greater demand for interpretation. With more people travelling and moving than ever, a reliable and easy to use translation tool will make millions of people’s lives easier.

$50 billion

Size of the interpretation market in 2019


Rate at which the job market for interpreters will grow by 2030


Initial hourly interpretation fee as agreed by UK government

Most interpretation needs go over or under-served

C’est dommage…

Due to the costs involved in hiring professional interpreters, translations is currently reserved for essential, high priority scenarios – things like visa issues, crime or legal matters. This means that everyone else has to muddle through without. Businesses and public sector organisations are either failing to communicate – or being forced to use dodgy online services instead. As a result, millions of people receive bad directions, are left frustrated when dealing with organisations or keep making the same mistakes. Tala makes interpretation available to everyone..

why speechly

Your options for interpretation

Online translation tool

Free, easy to access


Slow, requires everyone to be literate, conversation not saved, large scope for misunderstanding and errors, not a natural conversation


Reliable, efficient, content recorded for reference, cost-effective, use when you need, always available


Requires internet connection

Use an interpreter

Reliable and professional, valuable for difficult/personal messages


Expensive, interpreter must travel, location dependent, only worthwhile for high value scenarios – not minor issues

Tala meets the needs of a huge number of organisations and individuals whose interpretation requirements are currently not being met. To see how Tala would benefit you, contact us for a demo today. Spreek spoedig!